Early Education At Malletts Bay School

Prior to registering, please verify that you have received a Letter of Intent from the Early Education Program at Malletts Bay School confirming your child's acceptance into the program.

Colchester Early Education Program creates an environment where children learn along with their teachers in a kind and respectful way. We value each person as an individual with distinct abilities and talents. We offer a hands-on, experiential learning environment where children are encouraged to ask questions and test theories in order to expand their knowledge. We value the home-school connection and consider families and community members an integral part of our learning community.

The Early Education Program at Malletts Bay School is a half day program with both morning and afternoon sessions. It is also a qualified Act 166 Prekindergarten Program which provides tuition funding to parents in exchange for enrolling their children in a program which provides prekindergarten curriculum.

Learn more by visiting Colchester’s Early Education website: https://www.csdvt.org/ee/